With every word I push towards this screen, I feel a bit more like a pro. Every new sentence is tiny little bit than the last one. Sure there are days when I am not that great, but my overall average is improving. My word count is increasing, my thoughts and ideas are liberated to roam in the wilderness of the wild wild web.

I see myself enjoying this machine that creates words, drawings and sounds. My mind is set ablaze to create things that change minds of people. If I would be the coder, I would be the coder of minds. Teaching people that there is more to life than what is given to them. That there is more than what they’ve thought us as the righteous path to pursue.

My path was quite different, it was my own. It was fully powered by thoughts and ideas that I’ve nurtured inside of my head. My thoughts have materialized and that came at a price. A price that had to be paid upfront. The price of success is usually paid that way. You can’t get your success as a credit, you have to accumulate it in small bits and pieces and thoroughly follow its convoluted path, before you even get a glimpse of success.

When you see yourself as a snowball rolling down a hill for a very long time, instead of incremental success, you will reach a point where you will start rolling at an exponential rate. The victory that appeared fruitless is a apparent victory that didn’t reach it’s maturity yet. Public recognition of your success is just a cherry at the top. A cherry that is worth fighting for.

Recognize when you start going pro and don’t give up.