Hey guys,

Today I will be writing about Posterous. It's great service allowing you to update your posts via email, to all your relevant web url's that you are moderating. I need to give credit to Ed Dale and his challenge. It's quite good for SEO-ing your micro-niche. Also my flavour for social media tipping. If your FanPage is linked to your WordPress, than I recommend using Alpha Links for posting on various FanPages at the same time.

This post is entierly edited via my gmail and I must admit I can't wait to see how this went out. The main reason, why I am writing this post, hehe 🙂

Best of all is that now I can update my blog posts via my smart phone. Which makes you flexible mobile internet marketing warrior. I will be getting HTC Desire anytime soon, since I am not a huge fan of iPhone and Apple products. I am more of an Open Source guy…