Being overly concerned with the time of publishing is completely counterproductive for blogging. As long as I have my articles “Buffer-ed” for later, in the appropriate times, when the audience is actually reading, I will be able to get in front of the eye balls in the appropriate time.
Over the long course of time I was very concerned about my publishing times, now, even when I create a content piece in 2AM, I will hit publish right away. There is certain joy in publishing at any given moment.
Hitting the publish button, and leaving that content peace in the past is one of the most liberating feelings I can have as a blogger. Finally it is out there, giving it an opportunity to attract readers and new audience.
This blog isn’t the best example of my SEO writing, far from it. It’s just a stream of my thoughts, allowing me to feel accomplished about the words I put out there, giving people an opportunity to connect with my thoughts and words.