As simple as Byword is, sometimes those text files keep adding up in my file system, preventing me from publishing straight away. Putting me in a situation where a lot of clutter is created for no reason. A lot of text files that later on I have to go through and manually edit.
Perhaps I don’t have markdown support in a similar fashion as I have in Byword, but do I necessarily need that? UI is pretty pleasant as it is. Is there a need for less, if I actually do need functionality?
When you are a writer, your tools do define you. So the way we approach our tools is leaving a lasting impact on our work. Perhaps the relationship with Byword won’t function for my personal blog work. That is why Mars Edit is jumping in perfectly. And I am looking forward moving forward with it.
Think that there is one tiny feature that is letting me feel perfect with it. The fact that I can schedule my posts into the future. More control, less clutter, and more published blog posts.
The first kink I need to sort out with Mars Edit now, is markdown support. It’s not perfect, but it is powerful…