Apple bloggers are talking about smart watches not being useful, how they will fail as a device, but watching people around me, carrying around their FitBit’s, Nike Fuel Bands, and other similar devices, I’ve came to conclusion that there is a market for these devices, and while it may not be mainstream, the fashion might propel them to the new highs.

So all smart watch nay-sayers, need to remember a couple of things:

  1. Fashion – you got a gadget that attracts attention (especially in the case of early-adopters)
  2. Time tracking – this is the single most important feature I foresee in a Smart Watch. It’s a useful stop watch, that can sync the data from the device, onto the phone, computer or tablet.
  3. Sleep tracking – Let’s not get into the impossibility of accurately tracking our sleep times.

It solves all the problems we didn’t even know we had.

Few thoughts on notifications

Notifications aren’t the primary concern of the smart watch users. Not even my phone has notifications turned on, the last place I’d want them are on my watch. But not everybody has incredible use-case like me, even though other use cases don’t matter.

But imagine for a second, your Reminder buzzing your wrist, reminding you that it’s time to take your prozac, or that you have a meeting in one hour.

Closing thoughts

I want it. I don’t care will it be by Apple, Microsoft or Nokia, I’ll be getting the smart watch that can compliment my use case, the only one that matters. Depending on the quality and features, I am willing to dish out up to 200$. Wondering who will make it first. And no, that Samsung Power Rangers watch doesn’t count.