France should be ashamed of itself

It’s funny how French nationalists are being shamed, and their rights to speak attacked, while Islamic extremist rhetoric is floating around unchecked enticing violence of immense proportions. This rhetoric is protected, despite the fact that it is guilty for hundreds of deaths across the country, and numerous more to come.

Cases of French Tyranny against its own people

The case of Le Pen is an embarrassing one. Even though he expressed his opinion, albeit not a very popular one, he didn’t deserve to be fined for practicing freedom of speech.
Another case is the case of Bridget Bardo and her “anti-Islamic” speech. France lost its mind, and its compass. It’s concerned with emotions of minorities more, than about the lives of its own native citizens.
This is censorship at its finest. Stalin, Hitler and Mao would be proud of France right now.

White Genocide unleashed on France by French Government

Another example is ruling out the existence of France as an ethnic origin. These people are being cucked out and stripped away of the rights that are given to the people who are native to their own lands. This valueless society that is committing a cultural hari-kiri is on its way out. This decline seems irreparable, as no one knows who they are. Lack of education and knowledge of its own history.
There is this ridiculous leaflet that encourages interracialness as a part of the “education”. This ridiculously reminds me of Church meddling into peoples sex lives. However, dumb masses accept it as a value.A form of sexual propaganda. Education, I would never see my own children participate in.
This is fertile ground for the White Genocide and Cultural Marxism. This is country that condones and encourages the massacre, a cultural and an actual one, against its own native citizens. Hopefully, the people will learn its way how to retake their own country, and how to grow some balls along the way.
Weird how once dominant colonial super power, boiled down to the level of cultural ashes, and soon its former glory, will be forgotten and their culture will be completely wiped out.
Inability to speak about problems, expressing thoughts and opinions, is creating a nation of pussies, incapable of defending their own value system. Without the right to speak and no freedom to defend itself, This European nation, after Belgium and Germany, is on the fast track to become Sharia compliant, third world dump. All of this cultural enrichment thanks to its own stupid taxpayers.
Don’t believe me? Observe the immigration of all the Jews who are on its way out from this dump. Smart people, they know what Islamic multiculturalism means.

Closing Thoughts

As a freedom loving individual, decadent (conveniently French word) countries like France, are not on the list of countries where I want to contribute my time and energy. I want to save people from this destructive machinery of identity embarrassment. If you don’t know how to love yourself, how will you love anyone else?
Destructive values of socialism are taking their toll on this once glorious nation and culture. History might remember its contribution to freedom, as a country that didn’t know how to remain free.
If French people want to remain, and if their culture has any value, they need to learn to value it themselves. As long as they are hating their own guts, their entire value system will exist only in history books.
If you don’t know how to love yourself, and idea of who you are, you are bound to be extinct.