Thoughts on The Book Itself

Fourth political theory is a book written by a semi educated person that over-intellectualizes things. By my description alone, you can notice that I am not very fond of the Putin’s Neo-Marxist pet. But the concepts seeded in the book are the trailblazing the path for the new doctrines that may or may not come to life.
The book is somewhat written on the premise that we have three political theories: Liberal Democracy, Marxism and Fascism. This Euro-Occidental view point is very flawed, as it excludes all the other forms of governance that predated these. Ironically Dugin talks a lot about cyclicality of time, where we do not follow scientific linear growth progression, but instead we are returning to the past (metaphorically). If this is true, than shouldn’t he cover all political theories that predate modernity?
In this barrage of intellectual masturbation, Dugin is trying to glorify some of his Marxist view points by combining them with the elements of Fascism and Liberalism, and merging a new political theory (these two aren’t that much different in my eyes). However to no avail, I think that Putin’s pet is overlooking extremely functioning models of governance that haven’t failed us for thousands of years, and in doing so, forgets his own view point of returning to the things of old.
What years of playing Sid Meirer’s Civilization have thought me, is that best form of governance present themselves based on the current problems that you are facing. There is no best form of government, but there is the best form of government for the occasion, and for the people. The big problem of modernity and liberalism lies in its belief that Liberalism is the best form of government for all the people, which simply is not true.
True power doesn’t really care what is the form of government, as long as it remains in the ruling seat. And this is what was plaguing the occidental civilization since the beheading of Louis XVI. The true power was on the sidelines, while people believed that they are in charge. Governance is a marketing pitch for the masses trying to highlight those that are in the perceived position of power, while true power makes the decisions that are maintaining and accumulate more power.
The topic of governance and politics became deluded and over intellectualized. Those with zero power are debating, and basking in the false narrative competition where they are being prostituted to the men with real power, who control them by knowing information that they do not want to come out. That is the politics of modernity, a truly flawed model for being a politician.
This hidden power is not a true power in the raw sense of it way. Being highlighted as a source of all power is a dangerous proposition, and only those truly powerful can remain in the light of being perceived as truly powerful and still maintaining the throne. They allow their critics to run around and spout gibberish against them, only to use their words as a mockary to what kind of a life you lead when you are opposing the true power. They turn their critics into walking clowns.
That is why this power from the shadows is not a true power, but only one that is fading, that will be forgotten. This is why the new cycle is upon us. It won’t be a fourth or fifth political theory, it will be politics of power, perceived and real, and the clash between them.

The True Difference Between Hidden And Visible Power

To know the difference between hidden and visible power, you need to answer to this question of the legitimacy of power. True power derives itself from legitimacy, but the hidden power is drawn from the parasitism, hence it needs to remain hidden, so it isn’t exposed to its numerous vulnerability. Legitimate power doesn’t need to hide, as it is imposed from the system that it emboldens and tries to improve, the hidden power is leeching on the system, having a priority to itself and not to the system as a whole.

The Merit Based Form Of Governance

We already have this system in place, and we aren’t even aware of it. The best will always rise to the top. Those that will master the power of communication, that will disrupt the layers of illegitimate or even worse: incompetent power, will be the ones that will come out on the top. Through words, blood, treachery or bravery, it doesn’t really matter, the competent ones will always ascend to the throne.
The true power lies in merit and capability to wield power, no matter the form of governance or its visibility. Both forms are difficult to execute, as they have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The Individual and The Power

The power structure of a Republic is a glorious one, as it allows the perception that individual has some form of power, but the plebs really have no power, as they are slaves to their instincts, their biological needs and inability to play the long game. Individuals will always willingly relinquish the power for safety, food, shelter and other basic needs. As long as the government provides these things, the plebs will feel in control.
But the sheer number of plebs does create them a massive power force due to their numbers. Every individual holds some inherent level of power, some wield more, some almost nothing, highlighting the inequality of our existence. This inequality in an of itself is a merit based power structure, where power is rewarded based on the perceived contribution to the existing power structure, and its capacity to maintain it.


There aren’t political theories, there is only power and marketing that it generates. There won’t be a saving fourth political theory, or a saving mode of governance to win us all, because we are all fundamentally different people, and we need different forms of governance to maintain our happiness or misery.
For one country to evolve it needs to have pragmatic leadership that will be able to establish itself as a legitimate authority over its realm. The current power structure works from the shadows, and as long as it remains in the shadows, it will remain in power. But if we look at the cyclical nature of history, where things revert back to where they were, it is easy to understand that the balance of power will change from hidden to visible. And the world will understand that legitimacy is more powerful than the shadows.