Bold move by FourSquare, but will they survive this kind of disruption of the old school users who are the loyal followers of the company? How will this turn out for the social media mogul that still didn’t blend into the mainstream social?

The good thing is that gamification made this network very child like, and not suited for more serious users. Socialization and engagement was in fact based on gamification. Now with transition to swarm, I feel that Foursquare is aiming to become more “yours” than it used to be. Honestly, apart from few people, I really don’t care who checks in where.

Interesting enough, we’ve learned that there is still space for geo-location based social network, and that it can take off. Seems like Foursquare wants to “out Mayor itself”, and that is a good thing.

Also this goes in correlation with Facebook’s strategy of having multiple apps taking up your home screen real estate. Another good move…

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