The way bloggers operate feels like a charity organization, they write blog posts for free, and never once consider the option of monetizing the content they produce. I was a part of this category, as I was always passionately waiting to expand my audience enough, in order to “allow myself” to monetize.

Forget that in the future

Monetize early, and monetize often! That is my moto right now. If I am going to invest any significant time into my blogging efforts, I will expect to get paid, or charge for it, anyway you put it. These are going to be my end expectations. Every article is a product, and if you want to read it, you will have to pay for it. Period.

But wait a second are you that good?

Obviously if I am going to do the work, I am going to look into ways of getting paid. And by this I am not referring to posts like these, that were written briefly, without grammar check ups and without any research what so ever.
But those posts that I’ve spent time investing in, and taking my time to deliver optimum value (as well as did keyword research on them, those posts are going to be charged for.

Paywalling my content

Of course in order to charge for your work, you need to efficiently put some pay wall between you, and your audience. This time around, Brain Cutlery and me are going to try to work with Newsstand application called Type Engine, that will allow us to build the magazines for newsstand.
So it seems I am “getting into” magazine business, and honestly I am quite excited about it. Creating and brainstorming ideas, creating value, doing thorough research on the topics, as well as researching the topics that readers are most interested in. Learning new skills, and setting a time frame for deliverables.

No work left uncharged

Time of blogger is worth it, and whenever you read somebodies content, you have to realize that they have invested their most valuable resource in order to deliver you the value. Their time. If you want a blogger useful, don’t be cheap, reward their efforts, buy through their affiliate links, give them an encouraging nudge and even donate to them via PayPal button, because they’ve earned it.