Dropped into my Feedly, as I was adding some feeds. Feedly offers this cool feature letting you know how many Feedly users are following the particular RSS feed you’re interested in. I’ve popped up bojan.tv into it, and realized that I have 6 people following it. It is pretty cool number, considering that I’ve never actively promoted this website anywhere, except occasionally Tweeting out a link or two.

For the six people that are following me, thank you for choosing for allowing me the permission to enter into your RSS reader. I’ll try my best to create some cool stuff. I am thinking that I could probably create a separate feed for my photography, and perhaps branch it out based on the topics that I am covering. This feels like a great incentive to keep on blogging, even though, out of those 6 people following, I have a weird feeling that 4 of them are bots 🙂

Never the less, it is always a blessed feeling to know, that everything you put out, has the capability to be read by an actual human being. And it is a glorious feeling.