In order to give valuable insight in the world of politics, one must write persuasively, on the provocative topics that will captivate the readers attention. Understanding the policy outcomes, can be valuable knowledge for business owners, as well as the ways it will impact your own lives.
However writing on politics is serious business, because, if you are writing in the direction opposite from the direction of power, you are blowing yourself up. Due to this sensitivity, I’ve been reducing my opinion pieces, and focused more on the individual news, where I will try to practice a more nuanced and primarily pragmatic approach.
My political writing should be about giving you insight into the direction of where the wind will blow, so that you can make decisions about your next moves, not breaking the news.
Due to my time constraints, I can add value by providing analysis, not the expediency. My political commentary will be on Squawker, digital publication that embodies the spirit of the counter cultute. Find my political thoughts and writings over there.