How hard would it be to write every day? Making it very real and very much productive to make that push for daily writing. With the technology I have today there is literally no excuse not to be able to accomplish this. Inspiration can strike you any moment, and this article came to life in the middle of the club. Had one Red Bull, and all this loud background noise is stimulating my creative process. Being out of my every day role.

How to stay committed to writing all the time?

On some days you will be more motivated than others, but keeping this consistency might seem quite unrealistic. Think that the approach should be divided into those daily limits. My ultimate goal will to have sustainable writing growth and make every day incrementally better than the previous one.

Introducing Self-Quantification

This is actually my New Years Resolution! Measuring the variables in my life and putting them in spreadsheets while tracking the trends and the data that is relevant to my life. As we do that we can better understand the consequences of our actions. Some of the things I will be tracking:

  • Sleep Cycles
  • Complete Expenses minor and large (introducing
  • Tracking the intake of nutrition
  • Time spent commuting
  • Word count on daily basis

In case of failure

As with most things successful behavioral transformation doesn’t happen over night. So I will let this decision grow over time. As I collect more data, I assume that I will be more enthusiastic to collect even more data, for true understanding and impact of all the critical parts of my life, and the way my decisions influence my life.

Full blown life optimization, included with personal analytics…