Just finished watching the last episode of breaking bad. It was a great finale of the best show I’ve watched in my life. Somehow I always manage to see myself in all of these shows.

I feel as if there is something missing. There is a missing piece of this puzzle, and that is Jesse.

He seems like a person that suffered the most in this show, and finally got out of it. Did he go through the redemption for all that he did to his parents? Perhaps that was his carmic debt for all the wrongs he did.

But ultimately how big were his sins? He was manipulated into the evil minds ploy to ease his own death, and give himself another short lived burst of life.

Jesse Pinkman and his untold sins.

The girl moments

His junkie girl and him were the highlight of the whole show, and her death was the biggest tragedy in Breaking Bad for me, as the two of them had the biggest opportunity to redeem themselves and start the life on the right track.

But her agony ended, while Jesse’s just begun.

I remember that scene where Walter watched her die. And I felt utterly disgusted by the type of person he is. You’ve left your partners entire life, vanish in front of your very eyes, just so you could achieve your sick perversions.

And in the last scene, Jesse finally breaks out of the Walters manipulations. He disobeys the big teacher, and shows him that he has a will of his own, and that vengeance is not something that he needs to delve into.

He leaves his former partner to leave this world completely alone. Only in company of dead bodies of fascistic evil minds, and his chemical compounds, that made the whole spectacle.

The Walter in the final scene

But ultimately did Walt accomplish what he wanted? He lost almost everything, paid the ultimate price of being despised by his own son. But his wife still lets him say goodbye to her and his daughter. He manages to see his son, before the grand finale.

Somehow this monster of a man, that managed to ruin everyone’s life, including his own and the life of his family, goes without the big punishment. He goes down in the flames of glory, instead of facing the judgment.

His family will get his money. His enemies are dead. And he is dying with a smile on his face. Is this justice we were waiting for in the last episode? Or did the loss of his brother in law, was a punishment enough for Walter Walt? Or is his punishment that he will die as despised drug dealer?

I don’t feel as if justice has been done. But life is like that, unfair and unjust. So why would a TV show be any different.