Being an employed content crafter is a tricky challenge. Between keeping up with analytics of my day job, client work and taking care of my body, my head can explode from numbers and fatigue. Towards the end of the weak I loose all the energy, and feels like there is none left for further creation.
But I can’t give up. Every time I look at the backlog of articles I’ve written I don’t see only words, I see a legacy, one that reminds me of of how much more content there is left to publish. Even if I write a measly 100 words, it still counts. It created that little dent, a tiny butterfly effect. And if someone is moved by it, that piece of content has accomplished its purpose.

Creating on low energy budget

When your energy is low, you need to tap into the power of habit. I am used to creating something all the time, writing new blog posts, updating social media, creating photos. Even if you don’t have the energy to write, you definitively can have energy to brainstorm and visualize.

Creating only the things that matter

There is a difference between the people that create under the inspiration and those that create as a part of the meaningful content strategy. Back in the early days of blogging it was important for me just to create. Nowadays I want to create content that matters, has relevancy and attracts audiences for business. It is critical to test and learn, but prior to making a decision to create an article, we need to fully comprehend what aren’t we writing as a result.

Finishing the previous work

Years of writing left me literally with hundreds of unfinished as well as unpublished articles. If I don’t have an idea to start something new, I can definitively go back and finish something old. It always require less energy to finish something than starting something new.

Making content crafting a part of your identity

If you identify yourself as a content crafter, it will be only natural for you to consistently craft content. For me, I devote my whole future in content. It is one of those activities that has tremendous future potential, because content scales, and content sells. Some people save money, I am saving written words, blog posts and digital products.
If you want to be a productive content crafter, go beyond a chore, dive in and create something exceptional, because in this world mediocre content doesn’t matter and it gets forgotten.