American college education created an ugly reality consensus that threatens to abolish the freedom of speech, because of the overly sensitive nature, which is a consequence of political correctness.
Never have so many highly educated people been in denial about the truth, to the point of stupidity. I’ve seen this in AIESEC, a student organization designed to prepare people for the politically correct life in the corporate world. The access to decent living wages is conditioned on political correctness and obedience in the thinking process.
Those who don’t share the politically correct world views shouldn’t be a part of the upper and upper middle class. This leads to a protectionist mentality, where members of the class believe that political dissent is obviously a consequence of poor education, while in fact it is a consequence of PC nepotism.
Truth is not important anymore, only thing that matters is unquestionable obedience to the rotten system, that doesn’t value the truth. In its arrogance it cuddles into a false sense of superiority and oblivious to the problems of common working men.
The most ridiculous is that families and individuals pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to become indoctrinated obedient servants of the politically correct corporate machine. This leads these corporate victims to believe that the only way to live is to serve this machine.

My advice

Drop out. Learn to feed yourself. And never let the college stay in way of your education.
But apart from misquoting Mark Twain, there is one more incredible piece of advice, I am about to give you.
Don’t stop thinking.