We Americans in general have weak education and low understanding of reality outside of USA. There is this article on Putin and how Crimea is a vengeance on Kosovo and how Putin holds grudges, describing him as a vengeful person.

Isn’t it naive to think how Putin is the single evil operation? Don’t they realize that he is a consequence that struck a chord for humiliating Russian people that lived in poverty for 20 years?

A lot of my liberal friends consider Putin as an evil, but he is a person that holds 70% of approval from his own countrymen. Compare that to 40-something % that Obama, the worse president in American history has. A president that shut down American constitution so many times, that writes Executive orders as he tweets, pushes laws without waiting for approval from congress.

Compare that behavior with behavior of Putin that waited for constitutional approval of military action, before he made his move. Elegantly and without a single victim they went in and protected Russian people from clero-fascists in Ukraine. Let’s not also forget the history during world war two and Ukraine’s role in it.

Now let’s compare that to the catastrophic violation of international law in 1999 committed by Bill Clinton and NATO allies. Thousands of dead people, bombed hospitals, use of radioactive warheads that left thousands of people sick, including our own soldiers in Bondstill on Kosovo.

We Americans hold no moral high ground telling any other nation how they should or should not behave. There was no civilian human life wasted in this “invasion”. We can’t impose rules on other countries, that we don’t honor ourselves.