Do not succumb to the pressure. Laugh it off. Keep your posture. People will always try to bring you down instead of encourage you. I am claiming this based on my personal experience. Most of mediocre people are starting point for majority of people. Changing the landscape of people around you is the hardest step for most of the people that get involved in bettering themselves. Encouraging people is always a smart move, because nobody does it.
People will flock to you when you help them develop. Bare in mind that Positivity brings more positivity. Make it a habit. One that is going to change the lives of millions of people around me.
Luckily you will be able to overcome these obstacles by the mere fact that you are trying. Often times I hear how People say that success doesn’t come overnight, but that is in an of itself a limiting belief. They also say that success is paid in advance. All of these things are a form of limiting belief. The complexity of life is making us rationalize our situations, leading us to believe that we need to believe that success is far away from us. It is much closer than we believe, even when we have the most liberating of beliefs contained within us.
Crazy ones are the people who succeed. Are you crazy? Because you would have to be crazy to succeed? This metaphor is also a limiting belief. You do not need to be “crazy”, as negativity is finding itself once again re-iterated in the ethos of group think, in order to justify crazy moves that can set us back.
It took me ages before I got even half way through my book. I wrote a lot of junk prior to writing anything meaningful. But I succeeded in writing that moment when I actually did become a writer. It was an instant success, it was made in the decision itself.
Many of us do not realize that you gotta become before you can actually do something. Becoming is the hardest moment in the minds of people. They are locked down by fear and lack of self confidence every time they want to stand up.
Life is not about how hard you hit, it’s about how often you stand up, after you get hit.
There is something amazing in it. That masohism of standing up and recovering from your wounds every time you fall down, is what differentiates winners from losers. Achievers from failures.
I am insanely addicted to risks, that I believe I can control. As long as “I have the control”, I am willing to take a chance.
Do you have the guts to take the matter in your own hands and take the whole responsibility for everything that happens, and while doing that, feel relaxed as if nothing is happening, than it’s you. You are calm leader in the storm, as well as in good weather. Leader, full blow, someone who can achieve even when the meteorological conditions aren’t perfect.
You can pick and chose, today. You have a choice between doing something by yourself, or doing something for someone else. Both things are equally in the time you spend, but one is bringing in the more risks in the long run.
What ever you do in your life, you should be striving for excellence, because when you are good at something, you are never supposed to do it for free.