Greatness is achieved only when you are consistently out of your comfort zone. Being uncomfortable is not something to run away from, it’s something to look forward too. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. And excellence requires you to consistently push your own limits.

Excellence means not being like everybody else. It requires a lot of giving up. It requires you to give up on the things that you might find pleasure in. Or it requires you to be simply the pro.

There is enough of the time in our days, that we can accomplish pretty much everything, if we are not distracted by superficial and redundant. And there are plenty of opportunities to do that. You won’t avoid things that don’t add value by willingly taking your effort to avoid them. You will eliminate them when you put your willpower to consciously pursue excellence.

This is my manifesto of the Alpha, this is the next wave that I want to ride. A wave that many not only can’t, but aren’t capable of. Not because they aren’t capable of it, but because they don’t rewire their pain points to be their pleasure points.

Avoiding pain will get you only where others already are. In a comfortable secure existence, that everybody else has. Living on the edge, and striving for the next level is what differentiates the winners from everybody else.