Collapse of the reality consensus is the first step in decline of the global empire. However, I can’t say for certain that internet accelerated this collapse, or just made it obvious.
Ubiquitous Internet and information addiction are spreading the diversity of human thought, leaving it out in the open. To a person that lived the whole life under the media propaganda, any source of alternative information will seem like Fake News, no matter how verifiable and reliable it is or isn’t. As we can see with Russian conspiracy theories in the media, people are undoubtedly wired to conspiracies. Regardless wether they are left or right.
This is understandable, as the notoriety and lack of questioning the media cartel is the cornerstone of building a new collective consensus.
The divide on what is real, and isn’t started before the internet itself. One of the first industries to be poised with fake information was nutrition industry. It actually is a perfect example on how religious people get about their beliefs in their food choices.
It is in human nature to believe in fads and scams. It ranges from our food choices, all the way to presidential candidacies. Ultimately, this fight of the perceptions will be the great battleground of 21st century.
We’re in the era of the First World Wide Information War, hope you have your popcorn ready!