Opened up an account with Standard Bank (Illinois) and have problems with them not clearing my checks for a week now. If I knew they would be messing around and being this slow, I wouldn’t be using them for check clearing to begin with.

Banks will be banks, they want to withhold your funds at any opportunity so they can make money of it. Those numbers may appear small, but they have a lot of customers. When you have inherent distrust in banking institutions, these small incidents add up to this…

As a graduated banker, I still never owned a credit card, nor I plan on having one. Paying interest is equivalent of paying the thin air.

Mixed signals

Thursday: Did my check clear?
Yes, sir. It will clear tonight.

Monday: Did my check clear?
It will clear tonight at midnight.

Than they tell me how my account is younger than 30 days and it can take up to 7 days for checks to clear, despite me not having issues with the previous check?

You have no idea how much of a distrust I have towards sleazy banks, and their hidden fees. Whenever they want to impose a fee on me, I object or reject the service. I don’t want them to get a single cent from me, they are already making money off of my funds being deposited within their vaults and ensuring liquidity of their system. What more do you want? My kidneys?