Haven’t really talked here on my blog about some of my dreams that are in good correlation to minimalism.

So what am I actually aspiring to?

One of my passions is to throughly explore the world, travel and do all of that while my worldly belongings are brought to a bare minimum (except my technology, I will never renounce it). Earn digitally, live nomadically. Where every destination makes me a richer person.

Duality of my nature

In the realm of physical I want to have as less as possible, but in the realm of digital I want to have a lot. Lots of online businesses, lots of people employed. But no actual place to call my home, except the hotel room in which I am guest at that particular moment.

Location independence equals freedom

I am not sure how to work on this dream, it would require a lot of moving out of the comfort zone for me. But I know I wanna be liberated, and live my life on my terms.

When the whole world is your home

And than instead of thinking of one location where you are, the entire world is becoming your home. My minimalism is not exactly a minimalism per se, but it is my dream after all.

When having less…

Actually means having more.