One of the big deals about USA and the reasons I came here, is the fact that you can do most of the things online. I’ve been checking the banking solutions and found that seems like a solution for me.

It’s a simple checking account, so it serves as a debit card, on which you control your expenses. No fees, nothing to hassle with, and polite customer service, from what I’ve read from the reviews.

Actually I already gave them a call, and there was no waiting time, so being an early adopter seems like a cool thing. It took them some time to establish the cards, from what I’ve read, and a couple of friends recommended it for me through

It doesn’t hurt you to give them a try, and on top of that, it feels like you are in total control over your funds. Now all I need to do is actually find a good bank that works well hand in hand with Simple, and I am all set.

Any recommendations? If so, hit me up on Twitter or