As a non native writer, I often wonder how I got this good. But consistency in writing and reading does pay off. I am very grateful to myself for being able to dish out this amount of word, crafting them letter by letter and growing as a writer in the process.

It is fascinating to see your own progress, how you’ve managed to reshape your mind and build the words that people can connect to, read and share. There is undeniable legacy with the every word you write, that might stand a test of time. This thought is enabling the purpose behind my words, and this purpose is something that is greater than myself. A way to connect with “the soul of the world”.

There is a fascination with the potential impact you make, with every letter You publish. Try to feel it, and be mindful of it. This will reflect in the words that come through your mind, and people will be able to connect with them on a metaphysical level.