The Demise Of Instagram

The intelectual property over my photos was an important aspect of my life. If I paid $600+ for my phone that takes great photos, I don’t want some stupid web company like Facebook and Instagram to reap the benefits of my work. So I never truly enjoyed creating on somebody elses web property… Therefore I decided to leave…

Until Pressgram came around

I started to Truly enjoy to push photos to my own website, and sharing the way I truly wanted to. The repercussions of this approach have moved me even further away from social networks in general, and instead made me focus on my own platform.

Everything became managable from my phone, with equal ease and simplicty that social networking apps brought. Blogging and transmitting on your own turf. Photos were extremely difficult part of that equation, and that part was simplified to the level of stupidity.

There is more to photography than I initially thought…

Over the course of time, my ideas about photography expanded. Once I took more interest in the craft I realized there is more to it, than it meets the eye. And feels like photos are a natural companion to my words, they can blend into each other, creating something that speaks.

While I was visiting Louvre, I was paying attention how the development of technology made an impact on the art. Tools gave us more freedom than we ever had before. And yet today, we appreciate the art for the whole 2 seconds before we flick down to the next photo in the stream.

Not surprisingly the creation span of those photos is also extremely short, people spend just a couple of seconds when they create these photos, before they move onto the next phone activity.

The change

With advent of minimalism across all areas of my life, I came to conclusion that I want to digest all form of arts deeply. And photography (even iphoneograpgy) is not any different than any other art. Maybe anyone can snap a photo, but not everybody can create art. Not everyone can pay attention to the angle of the Sun, that can happen only once, only in that momment and never again.

The capture of that unique moment in the universe, compiled beautifully into pixels and from there translated into 1’s and 0’s beautifully artistically transmited through the universe of devices for everyone to see, almost instantaneously.

Consumption and technology

This puts emphasis on the consumption of the art. You can’t appreciate the art on the ugly display, hence the need for the beautiful technology also comes into play. True photographer appreciates the fine craft of his device as much as it is important to respect the value of his tools.

The rise of free photography

Pressgram is only a tool, but a first tool that made self-published photos as simple as internet giants wanted it. One of the many tools that will follow it, and will enable the artistic revolution across the internet, where your rights will be put back in your hands.

Because the bottom line, all our photos are our creation. Even when it seems stupid and meaningless. And knowing that you retain the power over your work, empowers you even more. Your attitude shifts, and puts you back into control over what you do with your intelectual property. We’ve been exploited enough, the time has come to push back, and demonstrate the willingness to say no to further exploation of our work, no matter how hard or easy at was.