Growing up as gamers made a whole set of people that are very attached to their computing environment that over time became business environment. I am very grateful to have one with a great view. And after almost three months of traveling, sitting in front of the desktop computer almost feels like a blessing, allowing me to move things at blazing speeds, compared to compromises made while working on smartphone and laptop.

Being an entrepreneur means that you are not afraid to outwork everyone. And sitting in front of the big screen definitively allows you to engage in deep work that is the biggest speed increase one can have in the work. Most people don’t have it in them to sit and let everything else fall wayside, while immersing themselves exclusively into one task.

But besides the fact that desktop can provide an ultimate environment in which one can conduct deep work, it is also an environment in which majority of gamers perform at their best. You don’t have to worry about the battery life, and distractions, and have the ultimate number of tools available at their disposal. Speed is essential for entrepreneurs and gamers alike.