Defy the usual path, and make your own. Don’t let bounderies of others prevent you from pursuing your success. Let the freedom be your guide. Opportunities show up to those that seek them.

People will often make conclusions based on their own limited realities, but those realities are limited with their current perception and experience. If you see more, you can dismiss their world view as irrelevant. Sometimes path will be foggy, blurry, murky and you won’t understand how to reach your ultimate direction. But as you go, the path will reveal itself to the ones that have the courage to push through all the obstacles. And it will be worth it.

Sometimes it’s necessary to become someone new in order to achieve your goals, because your former self was not capable of being succesfull at things you are succesfull today. It might be frightening, but the bigger the change, greater the results.

Loose the sight of your former self, and become the person worthy of your desires.