For the longest time my writing process was based on free flow of the thoughts. My writing was only a way of noting my thoughts as they happen, however in order to be a productive writer, I realized that I need to formulate the thoughts that aren’t exactly appealing to me, as I already made up my mind about the conclusions on that topic.
So majority of my writing is exploratory, or I explode the idea while I have excitement about it, and in the moment when I am coming to a new conclusion. In the last couple of days I’ve found myself in this situation where I can only start to write my stream of thoughts! That is not the greatest approach to writing, as I had very little control as to what I will write about, despite the fact that I have a backlog of things that I really do need to write about.
Writing a stream of thoughts is much more complex than deconstructing a topic you aren’t excited about, and the way my mind works, I am only excited about a few things that I am actively researching in the moment.

How will I change the way I write?

I want to start publishing my thoughts in a similar way I am publishing my tweets. Frequently and often. Need to offer an opportunity for my content to get out there, and earn a chance of getting read. Need to stop with being shy, and I need to let my thoughts roam free.