Ed Dale is covering it, and I am pretty convinced of it. Working in Internet Marketing industry for past two years, seeing how SEO practices failed many businesses, I am quite convinced that there is no need anymore for SEO. You need to become market leader, you need to go social. That is exaclty what I did with my personal blog, and my other online businesses.
This article is just a culmination of the broader plan from Google, and they don’t care about SEO. Their results come the way they want it to come. And they want it fast, and relevant. You better learn how to become relevant FAST, or you are going to die off the Google chart (which is not the end of the world anyway).
So without me talking too much about this, go to the source of the experienced veteran of Internet Marketing and see for yourself.
GOOGAGEDDON | Ed Dale’s Blog.
Some people bursted in outrage that I’ve said that SEO is dead. And showed me an example of spamming for some arbitrary keyword. Well… Spam is still spam, and ranking gets ever more expensive.
SEO is still dead and not worth your money as someone who wants to rank. Rather invest in PPC or social media. Even First Beat Media where I used to do “SEO” gave up on unnatural backlinking. It’s just not worth the investement, for 99% of the market.