Heard the claim that black market of the internet is bigger than the entire economy of USA. $2 Trillion Market that experts say, saves the economy. This means that the biggest wealth generation and value creation resides outside of the taxed market.

How Big Government Leverages The Taxes

Current state of Taxes in USA are a moral disaster, designed to take away value from you, and distribute them to the reckless and incompetent people, ones that add no value to the society as a whole. If there are legal ways for you to avoid taxes, it is your moral responsibility to do so. Especially when you believe that they are not being appropriated properly.
Why would a government decide for you, where your hard earned wealth and energy should be directed?

Incompetence of Government to regulate the dark market

The problem with the rising corruption and taxation leaves this huge gap on the numerous hungry people to obtain happiness in life. When laws are too stringent, it is evidently obvious that usually law abiding people, will go outside of the usual boundaries of the law to provide even the basic necessities for their families.
Government, even a big one, won’t be able to track endless transactions that happen on the black market. The wealth generated on this market will start to crumble into the system, by lubing the enforcers of the law. Corruption on the highest level of government will start to go downstream, and enforcers of the law will become corrupt themselves. We are well on our way to complete lawlessness, where return to the “tough shit for you” values are coming to the table.

Invisible breach

A lot of technology powered transactions are already taking place, and government doesn’t have any input on the transactions happening. Bitcoin games from remote servers, accessed via encrypted VPN’s, or done by someone outside of the country, make it physically impossible for government to keep track of the movement of funds. The revolution, and the arrival of new powers is already on its way. All it takes now is a small group of people, technically capable people, to overturn big governments and restore balance.

The Rise of the Dark Web

Dark web is like a private network. It’s efficiency is guaranteed, and warrants the paths that usual internet doesn’t take. It is far less spied upon. The example of such networks can be local WAN networks where people can file share, and only limited number of people has access to these local wireless networks. They are completely unregulated and non-spied. They are peer to peer. The digital metaphor of these networks in a real world resembles a private 1-to–1 communication.
Spying a 1 to 1 physical real world conversation is extremely expensive. Hence it is not feasible at scale.

A More Segregated World

As the technology progresses, it is becoming more and more difficult for big governments to control the people. We are coming to an era where small groups will have larger controls over their domains, and no one will be able to diminish them.
For example, I already see myself living off the grid economy, completely impenetrable to the SJ Warriors, as it is not in the legal realm where they have influence and control. I will be able to be completely free to utilize freedom of speech without being DOXX-ed financially. The fact that I live in a concealed carry state also means that I am not to worried about emptying a few bullets into crazy people that would like to experiment with my 2nd amendment rights. If this comes to change, the fact that my income is completely location independent, would mean that I can relocate to any point on the planet, without worrying too much about the ramifications on my income.
Of course, this is a thought experiment, where I simply showcase how wealth, power and resources start to become fluid and are capable of crossing the borders without anyone being able to control them. The fact that I know that it is technically possible, means that there are already people that are executing on it.
This also takes us to a path where we will see the rise of the pure capitalism, whether socialists and communists like it or not. Pursuit of happiness will prevail the dark powers of regulations that are giving an upper hand to lazy, DNA futile and incompetent. The successful, adaptive and willing will prevail.