When living income is coming from the internet, the main sticking point that is preventing you from making ends meet is the fact that you are consuming way more than you are creating.

Wether you are blogging, writing or doing social media, the biggest problems are distraction and irrelevancy. I know myself, I’ve spent way to much time checking out App.net instead of focusing on my own writing efforts.

Now I feel like I am back in the game, stronger than ever. And instead of writing petty snippets of 140 or 256 characters, I am doing long winded writing and getting on board with it. Absolute focus, better connection with you, the potential reader, and big opportunity to express my thoughts.

Even when they are in >200 words articles, it still constitutes as writing, and offers way more value than 140 characters. Allows me the greater artistic freedom and more opportunity to convey my character.