I am approaching a point where I know we will create videos for Alpha Efficiency channel, so I am accumulating ideas as to how record more often, potentially hire a videographer, and keep going  with content creation. There is a plethora of problems I am anticipating, besides me not doing my best self. But I am going to get there. I am seeing so many people that are no better than me, making a killing doing it.

Not really looking into doing this haphazardly like I’ve used to create content for our blog, but getting a thorough data driven plan in place. And also getting a plan in place for pretty much everything that we do. Planning is the next step of the Alpha Efficiency evolution. I can’t articulate enough how planning is essential to getting the results. Planning is removing the “rolling the dice” moment in your business execution. Seems like YouTube keyword research is the next step. Luckily we have a lot of blog content that I can utilize to start rolling over into video format, and that could give me some head start in content creation.