Blogging is extremely difficult career path, as numerous people can’t succeed at it. You can’t just decide, hey I want to blog, and just keep at it. You can’t make a living on the blogging alone for many years. And if you want to take your blogging efforts to the money making level, you need to approach it as a business. This is a place where majority of the amateurs will fail. If your blogging efforts are at the hobby level, than your results will be at the hobby level. You can’t be an amateur, and expect the professional level results. It holds true in blogging, and in everything else.
However, pushing myself to hit that next level, while working at the same time, will force me to make some uncomfortable changes, that need to happen. These changes will come at the expense of my own free time. And I am about to take my blogging seriously, yet again.
Lately, I’ve tipped my toes into writing more, but I was shy of publishing more meaningful content. There are so many moving components to blogging, that you can’t possibly accomplish by yourself. In order to make blogging, Writing and publishing meaningful, you need to rely on yourself.
And at this point, it seems like I should focus only on working pretty much. But seems I am, yet again in that state of mind. Work is liberating. I will never feel bad for working more, I could only feel bad for working less. Ain’t that right?
Just this time around, I have to strive to get my world of the ground. I have to stop living in the lands of the excuses, and I have to pursue the professional success, like I mean it. I need a plan that I can realistically follow, and where every victory counts. I will need to stop relying on the inspiration, and start relying only on the execution. I need to get the things back under control. And it has never been a better time to do it.
I will start to count on my own self discipline, strength and personal power to get the things lined up for myself. I will succeed.