Content works the best when you apply it to the right audience. Testing the hypothesis is the single most important thing you need to do on daily basis in both your inbound and outbound email marketing campaigns. When we are good at being a salesperson or a marketer, we are actually good at conducting social experiments.

The reason why more people aren’t doing cold emailing or newsletters in general is due to the fact that it requires a lot of creativity, thinking and being present in moment. And to top it all off, you are also fighting spam algorithms every step of the way, especially if you slip and don’t deliver quality content.

But besides having to hit the nail in the head with content, you also need to match that content with the proper audience. Cold outreach will force even the best marketers to think on their feet and push them to reach the top of their game.

Headlines that made a difference

As I promised in the previous post on the series of The Sales Diary, I want to keep giving concrete examples. One way we were collecting emails of people that were already doing pay per click advertising. Upon examining their keywords in SEMRush, we’ve noticed that a lot of them were wasting their advertising budgets.

We used this headline with great success:

Google Ads Are Bankrupting Your Advertising Budget

This headline had 52% open rate on a small sample of 100 people that have actively used paid search ads in conjunction with their websites. It means that context and the headline had a pretty good correlation between them.

Strong words in headlines can make a significant difference. From previous experiments I’ve conducted, emails that have somewhat official tone get better open rates.