So after seeing how many people terribly represent themselves on the web, I’ve made a firm commitment to adjust my own digital presence and appearance. Somewhere along the lines, our digital selves (websites, social media accounts) have the same impact in the professional realm of information services, as cars do in sales. If you don’t have a very good professional looking website, you aren’t the IT professional that you would like others to think of you.
My previous website was “just a blog” and outside of paying attention to the last thing I’ve published, I didn’t have much control of how the blog roll would ultimately look on the homepage. The new layout is more “static” and will tell my story to the potential visitor, visually and contextually.
I’ve aspired to showcase my artistic side, and I think that template I’ve chosen manages to accomplish that admirably. So here it is, the new look and feel of

Let me know what you think!