This blog was supposed to be an extension of my personal brand. And had I remained in Serbia, I would most likely stick with this URL. But I didn’t stay back home, and people around can barely pronounce my name, let alone last name. So I was thinking of going in the direction of something more brandable and memorable..

Getting it right

Often you will find me swapping things and moving them around. It’s been like that for this blog countless times. And I am pretty sure it was like that, because I was never truly happy about the idea of having something set in stone with a personal blog. But I do know one thing: I want something memorable!

This blog is ultimately about me, and if the URL name doesn’t match my goals, than it’s time for it to go. That can happen with a lot of things in your life. You need to try out a lot of clothes before you find one that fits. And I am yet to find an URL name that fits me and my online persona.