Really glad to be having this WordPress now… A home for my written words… Kinda doing it freestyle again.

This place is in a bad need of redesign. Also needs a new homepage and everything.

Tumblr stayed alive and well… It found it’s purpose under Ask section it’s a multimedia section. The deal with WordPress is indeed it’s flexibility. This specific blog is not so much about the audience, as much as it is public writing exercises.

How to redesign?

The basic premise is to have a design that will have unified "About me" homepage. There people will be able to find various ways of finding me online! And in categories, they will be able to find specific types of content, sorted by types: Images, Videos, Podcasts.

I believe that most of the content will be created exactly as this article, exclusively on the mobile device. Basically I’ve promoted my blog to a main social network, where I will nurture longer form writing, and longer updates.

There will be TL;DR versions for the lazy people. WordPress as the starting point. Basically a destination of my own. I feel like I own it, even though, this is Site-ground hosting.

But you can always download your content in the full extent with the hosting service, and transfer it simply somewhere else, which is not the case with social networks.

How am I posting all of this?

Well seems that finally somebody made more than decent writing app, and it’s called Poster App. I’ve been reviewing it on Alpha Efficiency before, but I’ve never used it to the fullest extent, up until now.

Seems it was always a quick public solution, instead of a full blown publishing experience with great user experience…

To Geek or not to Geek

This blog is primarily about me. If you don’t like it, though shit. I won’t care much. Perhaps I am just jotting down notes, and these might not be for everyone. And currently I like this semi-agressive tone. And mostly because I am sick and tired of developing user-centric content, and trying go appease to the users. And frankly, sometimes you get sick and tired of trying the users happy, and than the time comes to deliver the extraordinary value of enjoying something on your own

Like I actually enjoy posting this article…

I gotta loose you folks, there are things that I have to tend to, before I hit the bed…