The era of interconnected reality

Internet changed everything, as humans find more ways to connect. In doing so, we are learning more how we live. Our stories become more intertwined, and interpersonal influence is increasing. We are on the brink of living a global shared consciousness. Ethos, history and our collective spirit is running heavily on advertising. It impacts our … Continued

Why Builders Like Webflow Don’t Matter, and how to truly control your website

Startups are amazing at their advertising, and one such startup is web flow. While advertising can be great, the reality of situation is that the end result is not up to par with what businesses need. Your business definitively needs total control over your website environment, but instead of reiterating as to why you need … Continued

Masculinity in 21st century

Ladies find you a man that: ▪️Have a strong masculine energy▪️Lift weights▪️Get sun light regularly▪️Eats grass fed meat▪️Knows how to lead▪️Alpha▪️Owns Bitcoin▪️Wants kids and to build a family▪️Don’t abuse of any substances▪️Have “ancaps” values

Responding to the notification prompt to write…

But my mind is kinda blank. Enjoying a beaut day, feeling tired from the long work week. Wondering how to make this week better. I often overlook to take care of myself for the sake of clients, employees… You should engage only in trades that benefit you. There is no reason to enter bad trades … Continued

Cold Emails: The process of making the context and content

Content works the best when you apply it to the right audience. Testing the hypothesis is the single most important thing you need to do on daily basis in both your inbound and outbound email marketing campaigns. When we are good at being a salesperson or a marketer, we are actually good at conducting social … Continued

Agency Owner’s Sales Diary

Sales are a bloodline of every business, and me being on the intersection of the sales and marketing, it gives me an unique opportunity to blog about it, and share the wealth of knowledge with people that are getting to know me, and my employees that are actively working on my sales initiatives. I want … Continued

One Solid Content Piece Per Day

That is what I believe what will take to get to where we need to be as a business. One simple article per day to build a content driven business. When I say content piece, I mean one full blown piece, and not the short social media snippet. It is imperative to create value driven … Continued

Missing a day of blogging

That should never happen to be honest. My blogging consistency will improve my writing capabilities, and allow me to drive more business as a result. While I already published one blog post today, I need to make up the time from missing this activity yesterday.

The expense of a mistake

Create an environment in which mistakes don’t cost you a lot. That way you can learn from your own mistakes on the budget.

Online Identity in the Future

The new era of digital business will mandate that you are a real person. Currently This is loosely proven with tangible social media content and verified account. Those that don’t have enough content could be perceived as spammers & bots. Your online identity is gaining value daily. Verifiable identity is a real thing. Significant portion … Continued