Breaks are for the weak – here is how I grind towards my goals

It was never this easy to start a business. You need to sacrifice time from consuming social media feeds, television, and other nonprofitable nonsense in order to make it. Smart and hard work combined are bound to create intense results, and you need to become a better creator at the same time. We really have … Continued

How Inconsistency Costs You Your Success

Looking at the past, I can say that inconsistency was expensive. I always return to my original goals of writing and actually doing the work of managing websites and accounts to drive the results. While having other people do the work for you, I am still a firm believer that I can achieve a lot … Continued

How to use Online Criticism to Fuel Your Goals and Aspirations

Harsh comments. Everyone will receive them from time to time. Here’s how you can diminish their damaging effect and learn how to deal with them. I was pleased to receive negative feedback about one of my posts here on LinkedIn. I poured my heart and soul into creating this piece, but one of my larger … Continued

Public Notes

I was wondering what would be the ultimate purpose of this blog, if not for public note taking? As organized content will definitively go to the more strategic websites. But every here and there, you need to have a spot where you will unload your mind… That is the purpose of this blog… I’ve also … Continued

Should you amend contracts to appease clients?

Wondering what is your opinion on this.

Uplift Desk – First Impressions

I didn’t think that getting a standing desk would make this much difference in my workflow. Writing while standing is quite impressive, and I didn’t anticipate that I was going to like it this much. I always thought that standing desks are a little bit overhyped, but simply changing the position from sitting to standing … Continued

Professional Weekend Musings

Wishing that I could spend the entire weekend in my battle station. My new office desk is really good, and only thing that is missing in this office is a couch. One thing around my business that somewhat bothers me is the fact that I am still constantly responsible for hunting down new business. But … Continued

Impact of Kanban Boards and Why Companies Have Hard Time Implementing Them

Organizations adopting productivity tools have a hard time making them work. The adoption curve is hard to maintain, and I’ve seen this across multiple organizations, not just those I was personally managing. The buy-in into the tool needs to be organic, natural, and consistent until it becomes a habit. Many managers are struggling because they … Continued

One Day At A Time

You need to learn when you need to be patient and when you need to make sudden decisions that make other people believe that you are impatient. Understanding this takes a clear mind, a healthy body, and above all good energy. Every decision counts.

Quick and Easy Writing Tip that will quadruple your creative output

Write first and come up with the headline later. Every time I started thinking about the headline I would end up wasting time. That is a surefire way to procrastinate on blogging, and writing in general. Headlines matter the most, but getting good long form ideas matters also. When it comes to writing counter intuitive … Continued