Emotions, those wonderful feelings that make our reality magical. Music is very good at anchoring and evoking emotions. The concept of anchoring emotions is very familiar to me, because of the music. First of all, music can enhance your emotions and amplify them, maybe that explains the moment where I mostly listen to songs of women suffering over their love for their men.

I empathize with this color of emotions, because I understand those emotions on a deeper level, as my experience during my teenage days was of that nature, and I am addicted to that intensity, that I re-live through euro-trance songs of artists like Emma Hewitt and Tenishia.

Music enhances and than anchors those feelings you nurture through a certain phase of your life. Whenever I come back to a song, it evokes certain memories and certain feelings. This evocation of emotions is powerful tool for artistic creation.

Writing and emotions

Words are lacking when it comes down to describing the feelings. Facial expressions are so much better tool at describing the psychological state you are found in, than written words. The place where I feel my artistic spirit comes to the full power is when I start feeling the reality in a certain way, that I have immense problems describing in actual words, verbally or in writing.

Often times I feel the most wonderful gift I could share with the world, is the happiness and gratitude that I feel, but I didn’t find a proper way of describing those feelings that make my world view truly unique.

But I can tell you that simple whispering wind, that makes leaves tremble during the autumn, fills me with immense gratitude for being able to see and connect with thousands of small movements at the same time. Understanding that those leaves exist outside and inside of me at the same time. Combine that with all the colors that sun light invokes reflecting off those dancing wonders and you might get the impression on how I feel the world.

Those leaf movements connect with music I listen to, creating the ultimate symphony, that lights up my mind like a Christmas tree.

Even though I tried hard to verbally explain the emotion, it is nowhere near the actual feeling. Try to stop for the moment, and fully appreciate the power of sun and leaves dancing on the wind. Immerse yourself for being able to sense this world in all of its capacity.