Blogging Until Victory – not so much.

You know most bloggers are kinda doomed to fail, due to the nature of the algorithm. You can’t blog haphazzardly and expect things to fall in its own place. Most people are better off building a well structured websites and attracting niche traffic. Times and times again, I’ve poured energy into Alpha Efficiency without real strategy, and contained action bias, and it turned to little or no results. The more time goes by, the more I become cognizant of the organization and structure of websites. All websites we’ve created around a single topic for clients, have been attracting more qualified traffic, than we did to our own website.

Why SEO Strategy Matters

So that is why this personal blog was born, so I can blog with no consequences for the website. Now every piece that we are going to publish, is becoming a part of the bigger strategy. That is the only way that your website can attract SEO traffic. And most people will overlook SEO strategy as the main culprit. We’ve seen businesses failing due to this lack of strategy and direction. Where only way forward would be to prune the garbage content, and try to organize what remains. And that is painful. Sometimes it would be just easier to start a site from scratch, honestly.

Structure matters, and it is not a fairy tale. In this quest, I found very little understanding from business owners when it comes down to SEO investments. I can’t really blame those that got burnt down, but there are many that even without being exposed to poor SEO practices of so called agencies out there, they still can’t comprehend the value. Snake oil salesman will pry on the fact that some people will believe it, but they will never deliver. And then those people that are actually good with SEO never land a chance to sell what they are worth. So you need to have a good mix of salesmenship, knowledge and healthy negotiations skill in order to get your knowledge’s worth out of businesses that will ultimately benefit from your services.

Absolute Winners in the game of SEO

Often times I’ll be too lazy to convince people, we are doing so well with those that trust us, and Alpha Efficiency does a lot of web development besides SEO, that I don’t have to sell SEO luckily. I let clients sell themselves on SEO. Companies that drive SEO traffic are literally outperforming everyone else. This investment strategy has been proven times and times again for us, but not many have those kind of budgets necessary to play in this game.