It requires a level of narrowing down what you are talking about, as well as constantly being focused on content promotion. To some it goes and gravitates easily, to others it is hard trial and error.

One thing is that if you focus only on the things you are interested about, it won’t help you go that far, unless you have a large similarity between you and the wider audience. This goes harder if you have a wider net of interests like myself.

Honing in on personal brand implies that you need to be unique, and stand out in a human way. Given that over time I attracted quite wide audience of diverse individuals, I am starting to think of the impact and influence that I create through content.

Before I was focused on creating useful content, but nowadays I am more focused on the content that helps me purify my thoughts, and I prioritize content that fosters relationships and deepens the connection with my internet friends and connections.

The more time goes by, the more I am interest in learning more about connections and friends I make along the way. Most have hard time staying human on the internet. And that is my aspiration in 2022, and beyond. Stay human.