I’ve heard this advice from Eben Pagan in the Guru Blueprint series, and I did my first productivity consolations that are related to Productivity and Efficiency.  It was really a pleasant experience for me and the person talking with me.
I took the usual way of figuring out my clients needs. Well he isn’t really my client, since I don’t charge for anything, but I feel as if it’s a good way of approaching it.
Coaching seems like a good idea for me and I think I figure out people quite well. My good english is quite helpful, so it was a plus. Best of all is that I enjoy doing it.
If you want to expend your blogging audience, you should really focus on doing this repeatedly… I must add daily. Meeting new people, figuring out their needs. It will also give you content ideas! Consult and get audience, it’s easy, but it will get you somewhere.