It was never this easy to start a business. You need to sacrifice time from consuming social media feeds, television, and other nonprofitable nonsense in order to make it. Smart and hard work combined are bound to create intense results, and you need to become a better creator at the same time. We really have literally no excuses at all not to succeed in life and live a wealthy and abundant life.

Many people talk about habits and motivations, as a polar opposite, but both are much needed. You need to build your intrinsic motivation daily, while also building momentum in your habits. You don’t need any breaks, you can take a Saturday and work further, especially when you don’t have wealth backing you. The systems are everywhere around us, and you can earn monetary compensation on your time every single time.

Maybe you will need to spend some time learning how to become a better negotiator and learn how to sell a little bit better, but if you follow the internal sensation of abundance, you know that not all things depend on you, but the universe conspired to get you where you need to be. You need to keep your head up, strong, and focused.

Repetitions Matter

When you repeat actions and skip taking breaks, you are adjusting who you are. Weak people can’t introduce a change in their character, because they always revert to their means. My goal is not to be well off, my goal is to be incredibly successful. In order to accomplish that, I don’t want to fall into the pitfalls of all clever people that made something and didn’t keep on pushing themselves hard enough when they’ve reached the zone of comfort. My goal is to make my success unquestionable. Whoever takes a look at my life, my Instagram feed, my employees, and my family, I want them to see all the work that went into building all of this. It did not come to me on its own.

This is wealth creation. Our rankings on Google are earned, through hard work, sweat and tears. Through nights where I’ve skipped going to a party, days where I’ve skipped seeing my friends, and just directed my attention towards my goals. Working on Saturdays and Sundays is my advantage, in a lack of a better advantage.

There were many Saturdays in the past when I’ve taken a break. Sundays too. There were days when I was counting on others to accomplish my bidding. I am not counting on any of those things anymore. I will supplement any lacking that we as an organization have, especially when it comes down to expanding our lead flow and doing better marketing for ourselves. While we do have dedicated resources directed towards making better content, it wouldn’t be my first time to see Google proactively working to take it all away from us. So I will stay vigilant.


Thank you for reading.