For whole my life I’ve been a computer junkie, and I don’t mind remaining one. But in this fast paced era, I’ve encountered smartphone addiction to be the worse issue I’ve encountered yet, as it leaves you completely dry and unhappy.

Unlike the computer addiction, being on smartphone consists of constant flickering through Twitter and streams. This habitual behavior just gets worse over time, especially if left unattended.

Unlike spending time doing something cool, spending a lot of time on my phone leaves me very unfullfiled, which basically results in the massive change. And it is very obvious that my levels of fulfillment dramatically change significantly when I simply move to a different platform, even the similar one, found in iPad.

So step by step, tackling my obsessive compulsive behavior. The problem is not spending to much time on the phone, the problem is spending that time feeling very scattered and destructive, as you don’t spend that time in a meaningful way.