How this blog started to feel like a chore

I admit it, I’ve started to feel like running a job with this blog, and it killed a lot of joy for me and my blogging effort. Setting some standards with content expectations, formatting and other quite probably completely unimportant things unrelated to the primary purpose of this blog.

So what is the primary purpose of this blog?

To help you learn from my lessons. Will formatting help? It might to some people, it might not to another. Is it critical? Definitively not. At least I don’t feel like it is. I don’t know why am I guilt tripping myself into sitting in front of the laptop, when I can publish right off my iPhone?

Sometimes I don’t want to do it right…

…I want to do what’s fun. And today publishing from iPhone seems like massive fun. It will let me do what I am supposed, while I don’t have to force myself into sitting at the table while I am sick. Being sick blows.

I feel as if I need a break from daily pressure!

Blogging is quite taxing, so no wonder so many people fail to achieve anything from it. You really need to BE A BLOGGER, before you can make a living out of it. I know I am on a good path, but on some days you just feel like you’re not moving anywhere… And often there are no shortcuts. There seems to be no shortcut to success!

You’ve gotta earn it. And if you don’t have your lucky star, you’ve gotta earn it. It’s not gonna magically fall out of the sky, you have to get out there and get it!