My style of random blogging things that are on my mind is not very helpful to the SEO. SEO requires focused blogging on specific topics, so that Google can easily figure out and categorize what your website is about.

Random blogging things that are on your mind is confusing Google and makes it more difficult to their algorithm to categorize what your website is about.

The most important overlap is that Google likes a lot of organized content and Google loves quantity of content, so it has the reason to return to your website, and how frequently Google returns to your website is in fact a ranking factor called: “Content Frequency”. The more frequently Google comes back, the higher in rankings you go. It’s not the only ranking factor, but it is one of the most important ones…

Frequent blogging overlaps with SEO, so some bloggers that publish a lot do end up being insanely successful on the search engines. But nowadays, it is mostly companies that can hire the armies of writers needed to stay competitive on search engines. And solo bloggers are fewer and fewer in numbers, to a point where they are going extinct.