The era of interconnected reality

Internet changed everything, as humans find more ways to connect. In doing so, we are learning more how we live. Our stories become more intertwined, and interpersonal influence is increasing. We are ...

October 10, 2021

by Bojan

Why Builders Like Webflow Don’t Matter, and how to truly control your website

Startups are amazing at their advertising, and one such startup is web flow. While advertising can be great, the reality of situation is that the end result is not up to par with what businesses need. Your ...

September 26, 2021

by Bojan

Masculinity in 21st century

Ladies find you a man that: ▪️Have a strong masculine energy▪️Lift weights▪️Get sun light regularly▪️Eats grass fed meat▪️Knows how to lead▪️Alpha▪️Owns Bitcoin▪️Wants ...

September 23, 2021

by Bojan

My favorite photos of September 2021

September 13, 2021

by Bojan

Responding to the notification prompt to write...

But my mind is kinda blank. Enjoying a beaut day, feeling tired from the long work week. Wondering how to make this week better. I often overlook to take care of myself for the sake of clients, employees... ...

September 9, 2021

by Bojan

Entering Metaverse: Minting First NFT on OpenSea

This one is going to be a part of the larger collection of my own photos. In this photo I am in my usual pose, holding a smartphone, merging with the rest of the humanity from the palm of my hand. The ...

September 5, 2021

by Bojan

Lake and the duck

August 29, 2021

by Bojan