Writing is a tough gig, but no one made it into a lifestyle the way Viticci from Mac Stories did. Every here and there I pop by to that site and see the manifestation of his hard work come to life. Quality content and passion is what creates a business, and that website in an of itself is a testament to this hypothesis.
Proof of concept is there, it’s just us, mere mortals, that can’t follow through and execute on it. There is no faking it in blogging and writing, you literally need to show up every day. And if you can’t produce, every single day, than you won’t be able to outwork these guys that are doing this out of passion, and they just never stop.
Every time you want something, you gotta know that there is someone, out there, trying to out-do you 10 fold. I always wanted to keep on blogging and hustling that very content, but things would always get in the way. That’s why I recognize efforts of men like Viticci, that just go at it, and make it happen. It’s worthy of praise.