Blogging is inspiring, because we can see how people who write and create great content are creating these self sufficient content empires. One of the examples of such a website is MacStories. Viticci has been amazing at creating Apple centric content, and he understood his audience, the new one and the old one.

The inspiring part is that he is doing most of his work from the comfort of his iPad, and he keeps pushing the needle towards bigger and better success. Alpha Efficiency needs to become more of an organization that resolves around content, and consistent publishing. Currently we are too slow with moving one blog post per week. We can’t really do much with that kind of traction. But getting more people into the organization is intense.

But in order to be more consistent in writing content, your reading needs to be formidable. Given that I want to tackle the following verticals, my reading will need to revolve around:

  • Web development
  • User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Quality Assurance in web design

All of these things will come together sooner or later.