For the longest time, I’ve been Tweeting first, but as internet evolves, I find social media robbing me of my own content, and keeping it inside of a silo, that I will have harder and harder time disrupting. I want to build more of my own properties, where I can own the content and enable the freedom of speech in a more profound way.
We don’t have free speech anymore. Economic consequences of free speech are dire. It is actually sad, that internet in Occidental civilization is heavily censored. You may have noticed that I pulled out of the entire political discourse, and I will continue to do so. There are no incentives to provide your opinion, unless they are aligned with the mainstream narrative. Mainstream narrative is a shifting target, so most people that express political opinion are bound to find themselves on the wrong side of the algorithm.
My advice to young and up and coming individuals is to keep their opinions to themselves, as there are no economic incentives, only economic consequences from speaking your mind. Only part of the internet that will be able to retain freedom of speech will be anonymous internet. If you need to express your opinion, do so anonymously. Your future depends on it. Consequences of censorship and social credit system will put many in hot waters, don’t get caught in the fire.