I’ve been blogging my ass of today, and I still feel like I haven’t accomplished enough. In order to move the mountain, you need to become a person that habitually moves the mountains. It doesn’t need to be impossible, it needs to be a matter of habit. I think that today I’ve broke 3000 words, and it didn’t fall that hard on me. And if I haven’t done it yet, I sure will towards the rest of the day.
Wrote a great piece on AlphaEfficiency called Meet Top 10 Tools That Define Bojan’s Writing Workflow In 2015 and I am definitively proud of that piece. It will be one of those pieces that will push me through 2015. I’ve got my mind set that this year will be the best one yet for me. My renewed vigor and determination will make sure that it will be so.
One of the pivotal points in my life about work came with thoughts about life in general. Laziness is easy, and everyone can be lazy. All of us will inevitably do something, whether it is laying down on the couch watching tv, or working our asses of to achieve our own versions of greatness. Regardless of the topic, I’ve learned that those who work, have much less reasons to be afraid of anything.
Because those who consistently work, are moving much faster than those who don’t. And if I find myself working all the time, I will be blazing the trail of fire behind myself, and you will know I trailblazed that way towards my destination. So enjoy watching me from behind, as I’ve got no time to waste in 2015. This year, I am unstoppable.